What is the difference between BLOB and TEXT?

BLOBs are binary large object holding huge data. 4 types of BLOB are TINYBLOB, BLOB, MEDIBLOB, and LONGBLOB. TEXT is case-sensitive BLOB. 4 types of TEXT are TINY TEXT, TEXT, MEDIUMTEXT, and LONG TEXT.

What is the difference between primary key and unique key?

Primary key does not allow ‘NULL’ but unique key allows it.

What are types of joins in MySQL?

What is the difference between DELETE TABLE and TRUNCATE TABLE commands in MySQL?

How to resolve the problem of data disk that is full?

When the data disk is full and overloaded the way out is to create and soft link and move the .frm as well as the .idb files into that link location.

How can you change the root password if the root password is lost?

In such cases when the password is lost the user should start the DB with – skip-grants-table and then change the password. Thereafter with the new password the user should restart the DB in normal mode.

What is the difference between LIKE and REGEXP operators in MySQL?

LIKE is denoted using the % sign. For example:SELECT * FROM user WHERE user name LIKE “%NAME”.• On the other hand the use of REGEXP is as follows:SELECT * FROM user WHERE username REGEXP “^NAME”;

What are the TRIGGERS that can be used in MySQL tables?

What is the use of ENUM in MySQL?

What are the different types of tables in MySQL?

What is the difference between primary key and candidate key?

Primary key in MySQL is use to identify every row of a table in unique manner. For one table there is only one primary key. One of the candidate keys is the primary key and the candidate keys can be used to reference the foreign keys.

What are the different types of strings in Database columns in MySQL?

Different types of strings that can be used for database columns are SET, BLOB, VARCHAR, TEX, ENUM, and CHAR.

What are the limits for using columns to create the Index?

The maximum limits of indexed columns that could be created for any table is 16.

What is the syntax for concatenating tables in MySQL?

The syntax for concatenating tables is MySQL is CONCAT (string 1, string 2, string 3)

What are HEAP Tables?

Basically HEAP tables are in-memory and used for high speed temporary storages. But TEXT or BLOB fields are not allowed within them. They also do not support AUTO INCREMENT.

What is the difference between CHAR and VARCHAR?

When the table is created, CHAR is used to define the fixed length of the table and columns. The length value could be in the range of 1-255. VARCHAR command is given to adjust the column and table length as required.

What do DDL, DML, and DCL stand for?

DDL is the abbreviation for Data Definition Language dealing with database schemas as well as the description of how data resides in the database. An example is CREATE TABLE command. DML denotes Data Manipulation Language such as SELECT, INSERT etc. DCL stands for Data Control Language and includes commands like GRANT, REVOKE etc.

What is the default port for MySQL Server?

What are the features of MySQL?

MySQL provides cross-platform support, wide range of interfaces for application programming and has many stored procedures like triggers and cursors that helps in managing the database.

What is SQL Server?

SQL Server is one of the Database Management Systems (DBMS) and is designed by Microsoft. DBMS are computer software applications with the capability of interacting with user, various other applications as well as the database itself. The objective is capturing and analyzing data and manages definition, querying, creation, updating as well as administration of database.

In which language MySQL has been written?

MySQL is written in C and C++, and its SQL parser is written in yacc.

What are the technical specifications of MySQL?

What is the difference between database and table?

There is a major difference between a database and a table. The differences are as follows:

Tables are a way to represent the division of data in a database while the database is a collection of tables and data.

Tables are used to group the data in relation with each other and create a dataset. This dataset will be used in the database. The data which are stored in the table in any form is a part of the database, but the reverse is not true.

What are the different tables present in MySQL?

There are many tables that remain present by default. But, MyISAM is the default database engine used in MySQL. There are five types of tables that are present:

Heap, Merge,

What is the difference between FLOAT and DOUBLE?

FLOAT stores floating point numbers with accuracy up to 8 places and allocates 4 bytes, on the other hand DOUBLE stores floating point numbers with accuracy up to 18 places and allocates 8 bytes.

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